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Basic Photography – April 2016

Basic Digital Photography
6 Week Class - 6:00 to 8:00pm
Starting Monday April 18, 2016

Your Digital Camera Demystified
This class covers everything from an introduction into digital technology to important camera settings, and how to start taking a good picture no matter what your subject. You'll learn how to start controlling light, color, and atmosphere while learning the controls of your camera. A must for anyone wanting to get out of the auto modes and be more creative.

The Basics of Digital Photography Explained:
• An introduction to digital camera controls ... simplified
• Setting Quality: JPEG and RAW
• Options to White Balance
• Making ISO, Aperture, & Shutter speed settings understandable
• Exposure, Exposure Modes, & Metering explained
• An introduction to Composition
• Weekly Assignments & Critique


MONDAY EVENINGS: Starting April 18, 2016

TIME: 6:00 till 8:00pm

CLASS SIZE: 8 Students

COST: $195  /  Discount for Box Factory Members

What to Bring:
• Your Digital Camera*
• Your Camera Manual
• Lenses and Accessories
• USB Flash Drive - Thumb Drive

*This class is ideal for Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Cameras. Point-and-shoot photographers are welcome but may be limited on certain assignments.

To register call The Box Factory: 269.983.3688

Instructor : David Knight

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