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Old Man Winter

It's winter and it came early. Sometimes, it's not fun to go out and shoot photos in the winter. Then other times it's fantastic to go outside and photograph Mother Nature in the winter. It's cold and you may worry will your camera be okay outside in the cold temps. Well, the answer is "yes" it is fine to take your camera outside into the cold - as long as you're prepared.  Unless the temp. is extremely cold your camera will work just fine.  The main problem with photography in the winter is the change from warm, humid air to cold, dry air.  Let your camera acclimate to the cold for a little while, usually just a minute or two.  Taking photos should go fine.  The main problem is going from dry air to moist air - outside to inside.  Your camera will get moisture on the lens both on the outside and the inside.  When coming in from the outside it's best to let your camera warm-up so the moister will evaporate from the lens.  This only takes a few minutes.  Be patient and don't try to hurry the process by wiping the lens.  This is not a good practice as you may damage the glass on the front of the lens by scratching it.  You also will have a little moisture on the inside, so by being patient you'll allow the condensation to evaporate from the inside of the camera as well.  Don't hesitate in going outside in the winter as you'll find lots of exciting subjects to photograph.

~ David Knight