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Why We Teach

The digital cameras of today are more complicated than ever and with so many settings it's become overwhelming.  The Firefly staff will simplify all of those dials and buttons and by doing so will help you understand how your camera works to your advantage.  But that's only the start.  Once you feel more comfortable with your camera the next step is really how to become a better photographer.  With intermediate and advanced workshops and classes we help you move into the next phase of your journey.  The staff at Firefly love to see you grow and to have those "ah-ha" moments where it all starts to come together.

The quote below is even more true today..... 

Full mastery of the photography is, of course, essential.  The camera is a deceptive tool.  With today's technology mediocrity is all to often confused with success; we are too easily pleased.  To push photography beyond the acceptable demands self-discipline and self-criticism on the part of the artist.

~ Beaumont Newhall, 1974

"One Mind's Eye" -  The Portraits and Other Photographs of Arnold Newman