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Photo Tips for Beginners

Photo Tips for Beginners

1. Follow the Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds is a good rule in that when learning to paint that's one of the main things taught.  It does make a difference.  So, try your best to see the image before you click the shutter.  Do you have a balanced photo?  Are the points of interest where they work best?  As you take more and more photographs look at them with a keen eye and you'll start to get a feel for what works best in your photographs.

2. Pay attention to lighting

Light is such a key part to any photograph.  Notice it and see what it's doing.  Is it high noon and it's not very flattering to the subject or does it work?  Early morning and later afternoon light is the best, usually.  There are no fast rules but you'll find that those times of day the light will enhance everything.

3. Keep snapping!

Get the photo that you first see - then try some more.  Don't be satisfied with the first photo you take.  Don't forget - you're learning and the best way to learn is to take lots of photos.  As you get more experienced you'll take fewer photos as you'll have learned what works and what doesn't.

4. Use the right shutter speed

Play around with the speed speeds on your camera.  Take a photo and then try a different shutter speed.  See if it changes what you already took.  Sometimes it will - sometimes it won't.

5. Experiment with angles

High or low or over to one side.  There are countless angles to play with.  Have fun and try moving around to different advantage points.

For Further Beginner Instruction: Contact us at Firefly Photo Workshops.